20 / f / German

sillysalope: when you go to the beach, do you like to swim at the sea? or just lay down on the sand. I know european beaches have not the warmest waters....

I always go into the water because I love swimming and otherwise I get way to hot in the sun (btw I grew up at a lake so jumping in the water is absolutely normal for me.. I really can’t understand girls that go to the lake, pool or sea with a full face makeup on and then put the hair up in a bun and behave as if the water is going to kill them..)
And I make fun of my boyfriend whenever it takes him ages to get into the water because I always jump right in even if it’s really cold
Plus.. I’m half-Irish so cold water is absolutely not bad at all for me
I actually prefer it to cool down really nicely in the water.. 😊

Anonym: Are you in Madrid? Go to liberata club and for some drinks in Ramses restaurant and also go to plaza Santa Ana and eat in a restaurant called lateral and try solomillo con brie

Thank you very much! It’s great to get some tips on where to go to 😊